New book: Prince Valiant Meets Julius Caesar

Classics Illustrated no. 130 (Caesar’s Conquests, 1956) is a prime example of visual plagiarism or “comic swiping.” The story was ostensibly drawn by Joe Orlando, but most of the artwork was actually derived from Hal Foster’s classic Prince Valiant comics.

Lucas Smeets discovered no less than 167 cases of Valiant-inspired drawings in this 44-page story. This booklet convincingly showcases all of them.

Introduction page
Sample page: all five images on page 8 of Caesar’s Conquests were derived from Prince Valiant.
Sample page: all five images on page 28 of Caesar’s Conquests were copied from Prince Valiant.
Sample page: Joe Orlando also used images from Prince Valiant in some of his stories for VALOR Comics (1955).

You may order the book here.

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