Mexico issue reprinted!

FURORE #11 (oktober 1978) is an issue devoted to Mexico, the country “south of the border” that most Westerners know only from novels, movies and comics. The double-sized issue (80 pages) contained contributions from Herwolt van Doornen, Karel Meijers, Evert Geradts, Ed Schilders, Aart Clerkx, Mark Smeets, Glenn Bray, Piet Schreuders, Eveline Berghuis, and Geert Henderickx, and photography by Ingrid Deddes, Helen Howard and Rick Vermeulen.

The issue soon sold out. In 2023, forty-five years later, a reprint saw the light of day, this time printed in full colour. Texts were revised where necessary, illustrations and photos were newly scanned in high resolution and a few relevant images were added. The design (by Piet Schreuders) has remained mostly the same.

Furore 11, cover (2023 version)

From the contents: Lightning visit to Mexico City – Cantinas – Aztec drawings – Mexico Laughs! – La Neri, The White Tigress – Mexico Eats! – FURORE interviews a Tijuana Prostitute – Patti McGuire in Acapulco – Los Tres Caballeros – Señor Droopy – TexMex: La Musica de la Raza – Interview with book cover designer Robert Jonas – By taxi to Mexico – Literary Mexico.

Cartoons under the heading “Mexico Laughs”
Literary Mexico
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