Furore Drops the Ball

In an unconscious homage to Willem Frederik Hermans the first printing of Furore #27 contains a number of mistakes, enabling us to correct them in the second printing.

Here’s what went wrong:

p. 1: The spelling of the word ‘onberispeljk’ is not inpeccable.

p. 7: ‘De helm van Ajax’ (line 2) mentions a boegbeeld (figurehead), mis-spelt as ‘boekbeeld’ in line 5.

p. 22: Frederikplein > Frederiksplein.

Pp. 22-23 and 24-25: sculpture #31 appears to be positioned in two locations.

p. 27 (map): Stuivenberg > Van Stuivenberg; Moeder en kind > Vrouw met kind.

p. 28 (caption below left): ‘Moeder en kind’ > ‘Vrouw met kind’.

p. 54: The unveiling of Hermans’ stone in De Nieuwe Kerk wasn’t on 21 augustus but 31 augustus 2021.

p. 55: In ‘Aye-aye-aye Dolores!’ the names ‘Alpert’ en ‘Albert’ are used for the same person.

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