Furore 26 cover

Furore 26


‘The world’s most interesting magazine’ publishes a special issue devoted to comics.
The text is mostly in Dutch.

  • Interview with French cartoonist Yvan Guillo who uses elements from vintage comics to creat surrealistic collage


  • Wim Noordhoek describes the magic of books with images and words

Prince Valiant

  • How ‘Classics’ artist Joe Orlando borrowed freely from Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant

Gus Dirks

  • The short career of Gus Dirks, creator of ‘Bugtown’, and his German roots in comics


  • T.M.F. Steen writes about the comics scene of 1967/68

Het gele teken

  • The London locations of The Yellow “M” (Blake and Mortimer)
  • The Amsterdam locations of An Island Called Hoboken (Willy and Wanda)
  • Peti Buchel’s sketches of Achill, the island off the Irish west coast


Furore is a magazine edited and designed by Piet Schreuders.
It has appeared irregularly since 1975.


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