Furore 23

L. H. Wiener and the photo collages of Willem Frederik Hermans
Jan Tit: a typographic whirlwind in newspaper form (1973)
Mark Smeets writes a letter to Evert Geradts
Will Hopalong Cassidy return? / Richard W. Bann
Mark Lewisohn on the trail of Gordon Ottershaw
Deirdre Harris photographs San Francisco street signs
Frits M. Woudstra on the blue world of artist Roland Sips
Piet Schreuders tries to recreate a photo from 1955



Here is your chance to own this unique issue of Furore magazine. It will be shipped from The Netherlands. If you’re paying by PayPal, please select the shipping destination below: “EUR1” destinations are: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom; “EUR2” destinations are all other European countries (not including Russia); “World” destinations are all other countries (including Russia).

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