Furore 21

The Parisian locations of “The Red Balloon”

Lena the Hyena
J.H. Lynch (3)
The Beatles at Fleetway House



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  1. Hi,
    I am interested in purchasing Issue #21 on “The Red Balloon” locations. Is the publication in French?
    Many thanks, Carol Mulliiin

    • Hi Carol. The publication is in Dutch, but consists mainly of maps and illustrations which are universal! I hope one day to publish a French and an English version but that is in the future.
      Best, Piet Schreuders

  2. Please inform me when you publish your Issue #21 in either French or English. Thank you!

    • Certainly.

  3. Happy to see I’m not the only one interested in “The Red Balloon” locations! While on a family vacation in Paris as a child in 1979, we found some of those places. All we had to go on was the picture book, and my Mom taking notes watching the movie in a Parisian second run theatre. The main stairways were still there, but the area was run down. I wish I remembered it better and that she took more photos. Great work!

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