#23: Collages

FURORE #23 (janvier 2018) est là. Furore est une revue ésotérique, éclectique éditée et conçue par Piet Schreuders depuis 1975.

The cover story (by L. H. Wiener) is an essay about the three pictures on the cover of Mandarijnen op zwavelzuur, the legendary pamphlet by Willem Frederik Hermans from 1963. Where did the photos in this collage originate, and was the bird a seagull (as Hermans claimed) or an eagle? FURORE launched a full-scale investigation and presents the results.

This limited edition (1,000 copies) is a true collector’s item, not only because of its contents but also because of its cover, which has a hole in the shape of a woman’s body.

Also in this issue:
• Mark Lewisohn revisits the Yorskhire locations of the classic tv-series Ripping Yarns;
• A letter from comic artist Mark Smeets (1942–1999), with clarifying notes;
• Film historian Richard W. Bann on the restoration of Hopalong Cassidy;
• How to faithfully recreate a photograph from 1955;
• Frits Marnix Woudstra remembers artist Roland Sips;
• Deirdre Harris photographs typos in San Francisco pavements!

52 pages – full colour – cover with punched-out shape – € 12,50